Download: Studies in Testimony, Volume One, Issue One

April 2018 | ISSN 2516-8045


Editor’s Introduction
Sam Stuart-Booth
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Articulating Growth in Rwandan Terms: Adapting the Post-Traumatic Growth Inventory
Hannah Grayson
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The Politics of Poetics: Latin American Testimonial Literature and the Casa de las Américas Literary Prize (1970-1975)

Anna Forne
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Kaddish for Those We Never Knew: Mourning and Bearing Witness to Losses that Are Not Our Own through Fiction
Anthony Nuckols
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Testimony and Place in the Work of Victor Montejo

Tim Craker
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The Testimony of a Poet: Transcription, Witness, and Poetic Documentation in Charles Reznikoff’s Testimony

Trevor Laurence Jockims
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Poetic of the contingent detail in witness narratives about the reign of Terror during the French Revolution

Carole Dornier
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